Caitlin grew up in Vermont, where she spent her winters ski racing and summers mountain bike racing with her dad. This lead to a long-term love for adventures and challenging herself on trails. It wasn’t until after wrapping up her ski racing career with the University of Vermont, that she found her way back into competitive cycling this time, on the West Coast. In 2015, when she began working at Strava, she borrowed a cyclocross bike from a friend, jumped in a local race and was hooked. In that first season, she landed 2 top 20 finishes in her first UCI races and left feeling inspired by all the strong women out there. Caitlin now lives in Reno, NV and continues to race cyclocross locally and nationally and has found her way towards the front of UCI races. She’s not shy to the gravel or MTB scene either, her summer favorites include the Lost & Found Gravel Race and Downieville Classic MTB Race. Through her riding and racing, she hopes to inspire young women to enjoy riding and stay in the sport!
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