Dirt Technology

  • Impact Testing

    This ultimate strength test - it's loud, violent and designed to break handlebars.

  • Top-Lock Technology

    With Top-Lock, simply torque the top bolts to the appropriate spec to create a safer and stronger interface.

  • Birth of a Carbon Wheel

    From sheets of carbon laminate into tour-winning wheelsets.

  • Taperwall Technology

    TaperWall creates multiple thicknesses so tube walls can be reinforced anywhere with incredible precision.

  • DST

    DST reduces stem clamping stress by changing the shape of the interface between the bar, stem and faceplate.

  • Intelligent Flexibility

    Custom-tuned carbon bars and forks for better durability and damping

  • Eyelet / Nipple

    Allows the spoke to be attached to the rim without a rim strip.

  • Haven 35

    The all-new Haven 35 handlebar sets a new standard for trail riding equipment.

  • Fatigue Testing

    This custom testing machine uses hydraulic arms to stress the handlebar.

  • Havoc 35

    Wider, stiffer, stronger, and lighter than anything else on the market.